Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inactive Account

Wake up!

Here comes the MindMeister Sleeper Package

Hi First,

It's been 178 days since you last visited MindMeister and we miss your ideas!

So we've prepared a special free Sleeper Package for you to log back in:

2 free Premium months for yourself + 2 free Premium months for 5 friends = 12 free Premium months

That's pretty generous, isn't it? Well it's not all that selfless, of course we want as many active users as possible, because a platform like ours lives from its users. But enough about us, here are your licenses:

Your license code: 2Zkv1y3jMQ
License codes for your friends: CEJTxitjnP

So what can you do with MindMeister?

Maybe you just needed some ideas what you can use MindMeister for? Millions of users have added over 200 million ideas in MindMeister, creating mind maps for business and pleasure, alone or or collaborating with friends and colleagues all over the world.

Here are a few sample templates with common use cases that might interest you and get you started mind mapping online:

Be more productive
with templates


Hope to meet you soon online,
  The MindMeister Team

Important: In any case please make sure you login to your account once as soon as possible to reactivate it and keep it from being closed.

MeisterLabs GmbH
Einsteinring 28
85609 Aschheim/Munich

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